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Ongoing events

Our department hosts several conferences that support its residency and fellowship programs, as well as medical students' coursework. Contact Carly Andersen, Learning & Development Manager, at 612-626-4913 or, for specific conference details.

MetroRehab Conference

MetroRehab conferences serve as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Grand Rounds. Physiatrists and rehabilitation team members from the metropolitan area are invited to attend. Residents present interesting cases and are expected to facilitate a case-based discussion.

Limited case information is presented, then discussion facilitated to elicit opinions regarding additional evaluation needed, differential diagnosis, intervention options, etc. At the conclusion of this discussion, residents provide a brief summary of the literature relevant to the case. Each presentation is approximately 30 minutes.


PM&R residents are required to give one seminar annually. Residents give a 50-minute lecture and allow 10 minutes for Q&A. Handouts are required as are audiovisual aids, i.e. PowerPoint, overheads, slides. Closed to the public.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held the first Wednesday of each month and is attended by Dr. Dykstra. At this conference, residents select, distribute, and present journal articles. Residents are selected to present approximately once every year. Closed to the public.

Licht Lecture

This is an annual dinner and lectureship held in the fall. Presenters are invited and are well-known in the field of PM&R. Closed to the public; invitation only.

News highlights

The following are highlights from across our department. For more, visit the individual program news pages.

Physical Therapy

The U of M Division of Physical Therapy has opened what is believed to be the first private-pay clinical service involving repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to promote hand recovery following stroke. To learn how to support this effort, please click here.

Rehabilitation Science

Faculty receive Engineering and Medicine (IEM) Seed Grant Program Award.

From the Labs

Ann Van de Winckel, PhD, MSc, PT, received a Medical School equipment grant to support her project, "Integrated Motion Analysis and Biofeedback System for Upper Extremity Performance."