How to Apply


The Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT) program offers rolling admissions. Each application is considered as it is received, and decisions are typically made within four-to-six weeks of receiving all requisite admission materials. Review the admissions standards before submitting your applications.

Each admission cycle runs from July 1 through March 31. All applications received by March 31 will be reviewed, however, the class typically fills earlier. Because of this, applicants are encouraged to apply as soon within the admissions cycle as possible.

Complete the DPT application

  • Submit the DPT Program Application after July 1. Completed applications are accepted through March 31. Applicants are encouraged to apply early because the incoming class fills quickly.
  • Read all of the application thoroughly before completing.
  • Save, save, save frequently while completing the application.
  • Provide complete and grammatically correct narrative statements. Consider the narratives to be a written personal interview.
  • Review your file for accuracy and completion prior to submission. Incomplete files will not be considered.
  • Be sure to indicate any previous name that your transcripts, GREs, or other documents may be listed under in the area specified as Previous Name in the online application.

Access and complete the DPT application

As part of the DPT application process:

  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • Submit official GRE scores.
  • When selecting score recipients on the day of the test, or sending additional score reports through the GRE website, test takers should type the institution name, University of Minnesota, and the partial name of the department "physical therapy" and the computer will list all department codes that match alphabetically. Our program will receive the paper copy of your scores and the Graduate School will receive an electronic copy of your scores.
  • For international applicants, submit official TOEFL scores.

Additional details on DPT application:

The College Board Report does not have to be sent directly from the College Board. We will accept reports sent by the applicant. An applicant can send the College Board Report to the Physical Therapy Program Admissions Office.

Submit two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from a physical therapist with whom the applicant completed a portion of the work/volunteer requirement. Each letter of recommendation must be accompanied by a Letter of Recommendation form (or comments on the form if submitted electronically).

When you access the DPT Program Application, you will find an Application Checklist. There is a place within the Application Checklist to list references. References may be submitted electronically, or in hard copy.

The Application Checklist includes instruction for electronic submissions. You may access a hard copy of the Letter of Recommendation form using this link.

Complete the Application Checklist as a last step in your online application, filling in the schools, sending your transcripts, and also the information for references.

Expect an email within four-to-six weeks after all application materials are received by the program.

Complete the Grad School application

The Graduate School Application is completed online and requires a $75 processing fee ($95 for international applicants). This application:

  • Does not require GRE scores
  • Does not require letters of recommendation
  • Does require TOEFL scores for international applicants. Instructions are included with the Graduate School application.
  • Does require unofficial transcripts or academic records to be uploaded in the Educational Background section. These copies must be uploaded before you submit the application. International students should also upload an English translation (along with the original) if the transcript is not in English.  

Access and complete the Graduate School application

Once your application is processed by the Graduate School, they will ask you to submit your official transcript with degree award. Do not send any official transcripts until the Graduate School requests them. Read important information about uploading your transcripts.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to complete and submit the Graduate School application when I submit the Physical Therapy Program application? No. Please wait to complete and submit the Graduate School application until you have been accepted into our Program.

Do I need to send official transcripts? University of Minnesota students from any campus are not required to submit official transcripts for consideration for admission. However, if you are admitted you are required to submit official transcripts prior to enrollment and registration for classes. The Physical Therapy Program prefers that you submit official transcripts with your initial application. 

What if I repeat a course? How will my grades for prerequisite courses be considered? When a prerequisite course has been repeated, the better of the two earned grades will be used to compute the prerequisite GPA. The lower grade will not be listed.

How many uncompleted prerequisite courses may I have left to complete and still have my application considered? Two. Three or more will delay consideration until at least one is complete.

My college/university grades on a A/B basis. How does that translate?
A/B = A-
B/C = B-

May I take Physiology and Anatomy I and II instead of separate courses to fulfill the pre-requisite courses? Yes.

May I take pre-requisite courses at a community college? Yes.

Do I need to take the TOEFL? Only if you are a non-resident, which is defined by University policy.

I am a physical therapist in a different country and I need to take some courses to be licensed here. Can I take your classes? Please contact the Associate Director of the Physical Therapy Program, Becky Olson-Kellogg, at 612-624-2591.

Do the required 100 hours of PT shadowing/working/volunteering hours need to be spent shadowing a physical therapist? Only hours spent observing a physical therapist can be used to fulfill the Program's 100 hour requirement.

Should I document observation hours that haven't been completed yet? Only hours that have been completed observing a physical therapist should be documented on your application before you submit.