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Our Current Students

Our Current Students

Lynda Anderson
Advisor: Peggy Martin

Christine Cabelka
Advisor: Dawn Lowe

Dan Chantigian
Advisor: Manda Keller-Ross

Brittany Collins
Advisor: Dawn Lowe

Mary Foltz
Advisor: Arin Ellingson

Kate Frost
Advisor: Jim Carey

Jenny Hutson
Advisors: LeAnn Snow, Peggy Martin

Leah Johnson
Advisors: Corey McGee (primary), Paula Ludewig

Craig Kage
Advisor: Arin Ellingson

Mia Larson
Advisor: Manda Keller-Ross

Becky Lawrence
Advisor: Paula Ludewig

Theresa Nichols
Advisors: Mike Potegal (primary), Peggy Martin

Tonya Rich
Advisor: Bernadette Gillick

Justin Staker
Advisor: Paula Ludewig

Jean Stout
Advisor: Paula Ludewig

Rebekah Summers
Advisor: Teresa Kimberley

Joyce Trost
Advisors: Dawn Lowe (primary), Teresa Kimberley

Tammy Vos-Draper
Advisors: Virgil Mathiowetz, John Ferguson

Jeffrey Yu
Advisor: Virgil Mathiowetz

Our Alumni

Our Alumni

Khader Al Mhdawi, PhD, OT (2011)
Adviser - Virgil Mathiowetz
Effects of occupational therapy task-oriented approach in upper extremity post-stroke rehabilitation

Kathy Anderson, PhD, MBA, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT (2008)
Adviser - Jim Carey
Movement control and cortical activation in functional ankle instability

Divya Bhaskaran, PhD, MS (2015)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Association of running and single limb squat mechanics with development of knee pain

Jaynie Bjornaraa, PhD, PT, MPH, SCS, ATR, CSCS (2008)
Adviser - Rick DiFabio
Influence of intermittent visual deprivation on knee movement trajectories following ACL reconstruction in females

Michael Borich, PhD, DPT (2010)
Adviser - Teresa Kimberley
Enhancement of learning: does sleep benefit motor skill memory consolidation?

John Borstad, PhD, PT (2004)
Adviser - Paula Ludewig
The effect of pectoralis minor resting length variability on scapular kinematics

Jarrod Call, PhD, MS (2011)
Adviser - Dawn Lowe
Eccentric contractions and dystrophic muscle: strength loss, recovery, and adaptation

Jessica Cassidy, PhD, DPT (2014)
Adviser - Jim Carey
Optimization of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation with priming in chronic stroke

Chiao-nan (Joyce) Chen, PhD (2009)
Adviser - LaDora Thompson
Oxidative stress: aging and disuse

Cort Cieminski, PhD, PT, ATR (2006)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Humeral retroversion: its measurement and effects on scapular kinematics in competitive baseball players lacking shoulder internal rotation range of motion

Huiqiong (Joan) Deng, PhD, MD (2012)
Adviser – Jim Carey
Movement velocity effect on cortical reorganization and finger function in stroke

Megan Dowdal-Osborn, PhD, PT (2013)
Adviser – Carl Kukulka
Effects of cutaneous cueing on step initiation anticipatory postural adjustments in stroke survivors

Alongkot Emasithi, PhD, PT (2001)
Adviser – Rick DiFabio
Eye and head coordination in older persons with low- and high- risk for falls during stepping

Bernadette Gillick, Phd, MSPT (2011)
Adviser – Jim Carey
Pediatric hemiparesis: synergistic treatment using repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and constraint-induced therapy

Ted Graber, PhD (2015)
Adviser – LaDora Thompson
Investigation of sarcopenia in a murine model: symptoms of age-related neuromuscular decline and resistance training intervention

John Greany, PhD, PT, RCEP, FAACVPR (2006)
Adviser – Rick DiFabio
Visually guided stepping and gaze control in high risk community-dwelling elderly

Sarah Greising, PhD (2010)
Adviser – Dawn Lowe
Beneficial effects of estradiol on murine skeletal muscle function

Nupur Hajela, PhD, PT (2010)
Adviser - Carl Kukulka
Evoked human cutaneous reflexes during standing and step initiation

Teresa Kimberley, PhD, PT (2002)
Adviser – Jim Carey
Effect of electromyographically triggered electrical stimulation on chronic hemiparesis: a study with functional magnetic resonance imaging

Linda Koehler, PhD, PT, CLT-LANA (2012)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Axillary web syndrome ongoing medical evaluation

Haiming Liu, PhD, MS (2016)
Adviser – LaDora Thompson
Understanding the mechanisms of muscle atrophy

Corey McGee, PhD, OTR/L, CHT (2014)
Adviser – Virgil Mathiowetz
Hand force profiles of women with hand osteoarthritis during sealed jar opening

Jena Ogston, PhD, PT (2005)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Differences in three-dimensional shoulder kinematics between persons with multidirectional instability and asymptomatic controls

Vandana Phadke, PhD, PT (2009)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Study of scapular muscle latency, shoulder kinematics and muscle activity in people with and without shoulder impingement

Ela Plow (Bhatt), PhD, PT (2007)
Adviser – Jim Carey
Finger vs. elbow tracking: neural substrates of motor skill learning revealed using fMRI

Matthew Plow, PhD (2006)
Adviser – Virgil Mathiowetz
Comparing the effectiveness of a wellness intervention to prehabilitation in individuals with multiple sclerosis

Jonathan Reynolds, PhD, PT, CWCE (2008)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Shoulder joint and muscle exposure in violin musicians: a three- dimensional kinematic and electromyographic exposure variation analysis

Peter Rundquist, PhD, PT (2003)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Three-dimensional shoulder kinematics in subjects with idiopathic loss of shoulder range of motion

Sharyl Samargia, PhD, MA (2012)
Adviser – Teresa Kimberley
Pathophysiology of adductor spasmodic dysphonia: a TMS study

Sanjay Sarkar, PhD, PT (2014)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Comparison of 3D shoulder kinematics, thoracic posture and shoulder strength between asymptomatic elderly and young population

John Schmitt, PhD, PT (2002)
Adviser – Rick DiFabio
Assessment of responsiveness to clinical change: application to an upper extremity functional outcome measure

Maureen Whitford, PhD, PT, NCS (2010)
Adviser – Carl Kukulka
Task-related variations in the surface EMG of human first dorsal interosseous

Cristiane Zampieri, PhD, PT (2006)
Adviser – Rick DiFabio
Rehabilitation of gaze control to improve mobility in progressive supranuclear palsy

Kristin Zhao, PhD (2012)
Adviser – Paula Ludewig
Risk of reduced subacromial space during activities of daily living for users of manual wheelchairs